eco2cotton stands for:

Ecologically responsible clothing, home and building products that are made using a unique manufacturing process that helps conserve our precious natural resources: land, water and energy.

Pre-consumer fibers and clippings are collected after the cut and sew process, sorted by color and blended. The resulting cotton-like fluff can be used as a fill for stuffing and pads or for spinning new solid and organic looking yarns.

eco2cotton story:

Eco2cotton® offers a sustainable option for many consumer and industrial products. The regenerated fibers retain the color of the original recycled t-shirt or garment, so less dyes and harmful chemicals pollute our planet. For yarns made with Eco2cotton®, other Acrylic, Polyester or eco fibers are added to enhance performance and color.

eco2cotton is perfect:
in yarns for
  • blankets and throws
  • crafts
  • kitchen and bath textiles
  • socks and accessories
  • sweaters and sportswear
  • t-shirts
in fabric for
  • fleece and knits
  • home and contract furnishings
  • narrow fabrics
  • upholstery and braid
  • wipers/paint cloths
  • wovens
in fiber for
  • architectural materials
  • insulation and acoustical products
  • non-woven and pads
  • pillow and mattress fill
eco2cotton story:

Reduces incinerator and landfill use, by reprocessing pre-consumer textile waste.


Our cotton fibers require no new dyeing, saving water and adding no new pollutants.


Our cotton fibers require no land use, intensive water irrigation, and no new fertilizers or pesticides.


Our simplified manufacturing process reduces energy and resource use.


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